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Spring Detox Weekend


The perfect retreat for the super busy! Join Alexandra and me at Casa na Ferraria for a 2 full day liquid cleanse and welcome the spring with a boost of energy!

A Spring detox is one of the best ways of switching from “storage mode”, which most of us consciously or unconsciously adopt during Winter, to a “fat burn mode”, preparing us for a lighter existence in our bodies and lives.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring is the season of the liver and the galbladder. These two organs play a major role in the way we process certain emotions. Compassion, patience, honesty, anger, frustration, irritability can emerge depending on wether these two organs are balanced or not. Just like toxins, some emotions need to be removed of our bodies and the right care of these organs can help us achieve that.

In our Spring Detox Weekend we will provide you the right environment to promote your detoxifying processes, both physical and emotional, while also enhancing your overall health throughout the following months.

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